Lewisham council is planning to decimate our community centres. This is the campaign to stop this from happening.

The Safer Stronger Communities Select Committee has published its recommendations

Nov 5, 2015 | | Say something

The agenda of the meeting of the mayor and cabinet on November 11th on the council website now contains the recommendations of the Safer Stronger Communities select committee. They can be downloaded here:

Voluntary Sector Accommodation Implementation Plan update(1)

Some centres have been given short term reprieves. However, other centres are still scheduled for closure or redevelopment. No centre is completely safe. Therefore it is important that as many people as possible come to the protest outside the civic suite, and to the public meeting inside at 6pm. Please spread the news as widely as possible, and bring placards in support of your centre. If you would like to speak in support of your centre at this meeting, then this should still be possible. You will need to contact Kevin Flaherty. These are his details:

Phone: 0208 314 9327

Email: kevin.flaherty@lewisham.gov.uk

If you do want to speak, you should get in touch with Kevin as soon as possible. He apparently has already received quite a few requests, and there may be a limit imposed at some point. The right to speak is given at the discretion of the mayor.

Please also make sure you have written to the mayor with your views. It is better to relate your own experience of the centre and it’s importance to you personally, than just give abstract reasons for why centres should survive. Here are some details where to send mail or email.

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