Lewisham council is planning to decimate our community centres. This is the campaign to stop this from happening.

Links to relevant pages and documents on the council website

Here are some links to pages and documents on the council website where the information about the plan of the Safer Stronger Communities committee can be found.

The initial plan of the Safer Strong Communities Select committee is recorded on the council website when the first meeting was held. This was on 1st July:


No recommendation was made to the Mayor at this point. Appendix C on this page, however, gives a list of the community centres, and what the council’s current plan for them is:


The document below, also found on this page, gives a description of the overall plan the council have for the community centres. It outlines the idea of creating ‘hubs’ which will house all the groups displaced by the closure. As already described in this site, the creation of hubs will lead to a concentration of groups into smaller areas, and overcrowding. Representatives of the hubs have said there is limited space to take on other groups :



The Safer Strong communities committee met again on 16th September:


and 21st October:



Here is a complete list of the meetings of the committee