Lewisham council is planning to decimate our community centres. This is the campaign to stop this from happening.

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Contact the mayor

At the time of writing, many community groups have just attended the meeting of the Select Committee on 21st October. We¬† spoke out about our centres to the council. It was clear that the united resistance to closures we put up made a strong impact on the council. Some councillers voiced their unease about the closures, while others, who are responsible for implementing the plan, seemed very unsure about points of detail about how it would be implemented.The select committee will be publishing it’s recommendation to the mayor following the last meeting at the beginning of November. However, even before this meeting, it would be very effective to lobby the mayor to save your community centre. If you are a user of the centre, then sending him an email or letter about the benefit of the centre to you is likely to have a strong impact. Join the campaign!

Here is the email address for the mayor, Steve Bullock:


Here is the correspondence address:

Civic Suite
Town Hall

Here is some more information about Steve Bullock on the Lewisham council website:


Contact your local councillor

Contact your local ward councillors, to see if they are friends of your cause. Some of them may not be too happy that a centre in their ward is being closed.Here is a link to a page that can help you find who your ward councillors are, or the councillors where your community centre is:

Contact the press

Contact the press to tell them what you think about what is happening to our community centres, or about a protest that you have organised.
News Shopper contact page:
South London Press:

Here are some previous articles that got in the local press about campaigns conducted by individual centres:


On Wednesday 11th November the mayor will be making his decision based on the council’s recommendation. Come to the Civic Suite, Catford Road, SE6 4RU to protest against the closures from 5.30pm. Bring posters, banners and musical instruments.

Here is a link to the draft pdf of the flyer we are going to create to promote the protest