Lewisham council is planning to decimate our community centres. This is the campaign to stop this from happening.

Centres facing imminent closure

The council has earmarked 7 centres for closure. It is not certain at this stage what will be done with their locations, but it seems likely they will be used for housing. This housing may be provided by Lewisham Homes. On the other hand, an external developer like Barratts may buy up the sites. The council has a significant shortfall in its housing requirement presently. However, it also needs to raise a great deal of money (45 million) to cope with the austerity measures imposed by the Tory government. Therefore it may choose to sell the land, rather than use it to develop affordable housing. The community groups in these centres will be forced to move into crowded ‘hubs’, such as the Leemore, or Narborhood centres.